Want Beautiful, Durable Furniture?

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Custom Carpentry. Beautifully Built.

Furniture is a perfect fusion of form and function. It is artwork that you embrace, caress, and use.

What We Do

We love working with people to create custom, hand-crafted pieces that compliment your home and tastes.

Custom Furniture Design

Design the piece entirely on your own, or let us help you choose a style.

Built-In Features

Shelving, cabinets, benches. Built-ins customize your home and increase both its usability and value.

Woodworking Courses

Personalized instruction with great tools to help you develop the skills and confidence to start making your own projects.

Who We Are

Still River Dining Set, Maple and Walnut, Brian Boggs Inspired

About Still River Woodworks

Still River Woodworks offers custom-designed furniture made from local hardwoods. We’re committed to bringing our customers’ vision to life with quality, aesthetically pleasing, and functional furniture.

Let’s discuss how to create a piece of furniture that will last for generations.

Meet the Craftsman

Josh Myler’s love of woodworking and design started 20 years ago with restoring an old Victorian home in upstate New York. His experience has included remodeling, home repairs, boatbuilding, custom furniture, and built-ins.
Josh enjoys creating furniture in styles ranging from Victorian, Japanese Kumiko, Craftsman and Midcentury Modern.

It is hard to find well built, heirloom-quality furniture that perfectly fits your space and needs. Josh loves working with people to design an ideal product that will bring a sense of wholeness and comfort to your home.